Westermo Delivers Robust Industrial Networks

The traditional Westermo values of robustness and reliability in hardware design are now complemented by the WeOS network software solution. Over the last few years, Westermo has worked to develop this market leading software solution that operates on a range of Westermo’s most robust hardware platforms.

  • Robustness
    Westermo hardware is designed and externally verified to work in the harshest industrial environments over a long service life.
  • Cyber Security
    With virtually every network today somehow connected to the Internet, WeOS can deliver firewall functionality to every port on the network.
  • Resilience
    Westermo networks are mission critical and designed to operate even when there are media or power failures on parts of the system.
  • Multimedia Support
    Fibre, UTP, RS-232, RS-485, VDSL2, ADSL and any twisted pair cable are all supported within the WeOS family of products.
  • Network Application Support
    Industrial protocols come in many different formats; however, Westermo’s expertise and WeOS legacy serial support allows simple migration to IP technology.
  • Production Quality
    All WeOS products are manufactured at our own facility in Sweden to the highest quality standards.
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